No 9 Bus – Letter to Derbyshire County Coucillors



The fight begins again to ensure that the County Council maintains its financial support for the service.

 We know that this Conservative administration is intent on making financial cuts and reductions in subsidy. We hope that the Ockbrook and Borrowash Parish Council will use its influence with the ruling Conservative administration at Derbyshire County Council to demand that no reductions in either route or service are applied to our Number 9.

In the meantime, we have written a letter to every serving Labour councillor on Derbyshire County Council. We have asked them to follow the excellent lead of their Derby City Council Labour colleagues and support people of Ockbrook and Borrowash who need their Number 9 bus.

Dear Colleague

On Tuesday 13th July, Derby City Labour Councillors’ Motion, calling for the retention of the financial subsidy for the Number 9 bus, was defeated by 24-21 votes.

As from  September 2011, this service no longer enjoys a subsidy from Derby  City Council.

The Labour Party in Ockbrook and Borrowash has fought a vigorous campaign on behalf of local people who now fear for the future of this vital service, connecting Ockbrook and Borrowash to Derby and also providing school transport to West Park school in Spondon  for some pupils.

The Conservative Ockbrook and Borrowash Parish Council has attempted to stifle the anxiety of local people and to stop us campaigning on their behalf by saying that Derbyshire County Council has assured them that the service is ‘safe’.

We are aware that this is not the case.  What the Conservative Administration at Derbyshire County Council has done is to inform the Parish Council that the villages of Ockbrook and Borrowash  will not be left without a bus.


Quite clearly, this does not mean that the Number 9 bus has been saved – or even that its current levels of service will not be reduced.

In an email to Labour Party member, Peter Ball, Anthony Crompton, Derbyshire County Council Senior Project Officer has stated  that ‘we will be reviewing the current provision at some time to determine where costs can be reduced’. This is a general comment about bus subsidy applying to all services.

Any reduction to the Number 9 service would be devastating to people in Ockbrook and Borrowash  who rely on their bus for essential transport to Derby and to access  vital services such as doctors’ surgeries as well as retail outlets. Disabled and elderly people ,also young families and people without a car, would find their life choices seriously restricted without the continuation of this service in its  present form.  Not everybody can either afford – or would wish to buy – a scooter ( as was advocated by Derby City Tory councillor, Chris Poulter). Not everybody can afford to take a taxi; not everybody can ‘double up’ on private hire  with a neighbour and not everybody has access to  a car.

I am writing to you on behalf of the local Labour  Party Branch  to ask that you vote to retain the Number 9 bus at its  present levels of service and current routes – when the time comes.

Our Labour colleagues on Derby City Council  fought a magnificent fight  on our behalf and we do hope that you will do the same.

We would be extremely grateful for your support and I look forward to hearing from you.


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