No 9 Bus Saved with Changes


The Ockbrook and Borrowash  Branch Labour Party  send a heartfelt ‘thank-you’ to everybody in the two villages who worked so hard in support of our ‘Save the Number 9 Bus’ campaign.

And to everyone of the 800 plus  local people who signed the petition; the store-keepers who stocked petition forms for us and kept requesting  more ‘re-fills’ and anyone and everyone who just  said to us ‘Keep on with the campaign – don’t give up!’ we’ve got a very big announcement!


True, Tory Derbyshire County Council isn’t giving us everything we asked for, because we asked for this  service to continue as at present, paving the  way for later improvements.It will now run the No 9 and the No 9a services, with the Notts and Derby bus company and there will be a bus running between Ockbrook and Borrowash once every two hours instead of once an hour. And the proposed last bus from Derby to the villages will leave an hour earlier – at from Monday to Friday instead of the current

Philip Whitt Vice Chair of the Ockbrook and Borrowash  Labour  Party said: Of course we would like this  service to be as frequent as in the past, but make  no mistake about it, had it not been for the  wonderful campaign, supported so strongly by these villages, there would be no bus service at all!! Just  think of the plight of people of all ages and  walks of life who rely on that service  and especially people who are elderly, disabled  or  the young families without a car and with a pushchair!! Our efforts now will be to put pressure on the authority to increase the service and local people can rely on the fact that we will not cease in our determination and resolve’.

Jeff Martin, Secretary  of the Branch and a resident on  Priorway  said: Everybody who took part in the campaign  should be thoroughly  proud of themselves! They showed real public and community  spirit by getting involved whether or  not they used  bus services  themselves. But the fight is by no means over. If you go to the shops or the hairdresser’s in Borrowash from Ockbrook and you  miss the buss by just a few minutes, you’ll have  to wait two hours  for the next one because of Tory cuts to the financial  subsidy.

Helen Clark, Chair of Erewash Labour  Local Government  Committee and a Borrowash  resident commented:

The petition has been a qualified success and in my opinion,   if people in Ockbrook and Borrowash and Iowa has not backed this campaign with true idealism and spirit there would not be a service at all. We’ll be continuing to press for improved public transport services for of people  who live in Ockbrook and Borrowash  and yes, that still means an improved No 9 service!! But thank goodness we still have a service here to improve!!  Left  to the  Tories, we would have nothing there at all. The Ockbrook and Borrowash Tory Parish Council  tried to shut  us up and stop our campaign! . Thank goodness nobody  listened to them and their narrow political childishness!

View the new timetable here

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